Will You Join Thousands As They Pray For Haiti Today?

Please Pray …

For the peaceful resolution of the political situation; for calm in the streets;

For a fresh start for Haiti;

That unbelieving Haitians be drawn to Jesus and to a personal relationship with him;

That Haitian believers be encouraged by the Lord Himself through these difficult days;

For protection and the personal needs of all missionaries remaining on the field and encouragement for those in the United States and Canada waiting to return;

For provision and safety for hospital employees and doctors and that they would be able to meet the needs of their patients;

That schools would be able to remain open, or reopen and that students would be able to arrive without danger;

That those who are hungry would find a source of food today;

That the Lord would be glorified through these days and that He would provide in a miraculous way for the Haitian people.

Haiti Outreach Ministry of West Bend, Wisconsin is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, NGO (non-governmental organization) dedicated to serving God’s Poor in Haiti.