Reflection #1

Reflection #1



by Marianne Boehme

Joe Selner and I returned from St. Joseph Family Homes on Friday, April 30th, with our hearts saddened by the destruction we saw. We drove from Port-au-Prince, east along the coast and the heart of the epicenter. Then heading south, we drove for 2½ hours, navigating 442 turns up and down the mountains. Rubble from the Jan 12th earthquake was everywhere. Even though three months have passed since the quake, there still seemed to be a haze in the sky.

The boys, students, staff, Michael Geilenfeld, the founder, and Bill Nathan and Walnes Cangas have such hope and a positive outlook, believing that all of Haiti will be resurrected from what was before the quake (poverty) and after the quake (destruction and poverty). They believe that the power of the prayer life at St. Joseph’s, and their caring for the fragile and frail disabled children, protected them all. None of them was seriously harmed. Even Bill Nathan, who was on the top floor of St. Joe’s in Port-au-Prince, miraculously survived without serious injuries, after falling 80 feet to the ground, landing on concrete covered with garbage and broken glass.

Bill wants to thank all of you who sent him prayers and cards during his time in the U.S. recovering. He is almost completely healed. He will be receiving a check-up in a few weeks when he returns to the U.S. for a speaking tour to raise funds for the rebuilding. Walnes also thanks you for your love and concern, and looks forward to seeing you again in September.


Michael Geilenfeld – Founder & Executive Director of St. Joseph Family Home


St. Joseph 7th Floor Collapse and Destruction


Courtyard where Bill Nathan Landed