What We Do

We seek to live and grow in our faith by sharing our time, talents and treasure in a missionary effort with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We endeavor to live Christ’s last commission of spreading His good news everywhere by partnering with the World Mission Office of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and with organizations that care for the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. Our hope is that this relationship, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will empower efforts throughout Haiti, and at missions, orphanages, schools and clinics where our special fellowship is welcome.


We are a Catholic Parish located in West Bend, WI. in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which is committed to sharing and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe in promoting Jesus’ mission at home and abroad and to be witnesses to God’s presence among the diverse people and cultures of the world. We have a desire to share the Gospel and to show mutuality in mission (giving and receiving), and a spirit of justice, prayer, and joy. We are laity, just ordinary people who have been empowered by the Lord to share His love to all. We have come to learn that poverty is more than just a lack of money. It is the lack of dignity and hope of any kind.

During 2009, we are celebrating our twentieth anniversary of mission ministry in Haiti. The country of “Haiti” has a special meaning to St. Frances Cabrini. It means Sharing, Caring, Giving our Best, Love, Relationship, and Discipleship. Presently, we are in Partnership with St. Joseph Family Homes. Their three homes minister to street children in Port-au-Prince, Fermathe, and Jacmel, Haiti. One of those homes is for special-needs children. We invite you to investigate the many categories we have on this web site to learn more about our partnership and how you can become involved with the Haiti Outreach Ministry at St. Frances Cabrini.

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: In 1988, the HUMAN CONCERNS COMMITTEE began to seek different avenues in which we could inspire our parishioners to take a more active roll in discipleship. In 1989, HAITI TWINNING became a ministry at St. Frances Cabrini. During the past 14 years, forty parishioners and non parishioners have traveled to Haiti to experience firsthand the poverty of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

During the past twenty years of ministry in Haiti, Cabrini parishioners have entered into the lives of the poor and have shared the gospel through praise and worship in Haiti. We have taught the Word of God by giving out one thousand Creole Children’s Bibles covered in waterproof, zippered Bible covers made by our parishioners. We have shared the contents of four 40-foot containers with the poor. We have supplied two thousand five-gallon plastic buckets to aid the families in obtaining their daily supply of water. We have also packed and transported 750 seventy-pound duffel bags to the mission field filled with needed supplies.