February-March 2023

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“TODAY, MORE THAN EVER, WE NEED TO PRAY FOR THE LIGHT TO KNOW THE WILL OF GOD…FOR THE LOVE TO ACCEPT THE WILL OF GOD…FOR THE WAY TO DO THE WILL OF GOD ”  . . . essential teaching of Mother Teresa                                                               

The country of Haiti finds itself at the precipice of becoming a failed state. We have known this for a while as the gangs become more powerful with every minute that passes. The biggest problem is that they control the roads and the ports. So food, water, and gasoline are not available to the general population and only the rich can purchase them. Many Haitians owned businesses have had to close their doors and the upper middle class are leaving the country. (Those with visas and green cards).  Therefore, Haiti Outreach comes once again to ask for prayers. Please pray daily the prayer card above.  You can also find one in the church narthex Haiti Display. Pick one up and put it somewhere visible.

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Our Cabrini Community Center continues to help the families in the Jacmel area, feeding 300 people each distribution. We complete the first distribution January , 2023, giving them more than double the rice. We have eight families that need cooking pots and more that need charcoal to cook the food we give them.

WATER FILTER MAINTENANCE DURING THE DISTRIBTUION OF FOODall water filters were inspected and small repairs made.

MAINTENCE OF THE SECURITY WALLafter 10 years serveral repairs and door replacements had to be made to the security wall.

PLANS – Mission trip plans – tentatively March 16-27.  The biggest problem is getting from Milwaukee to Miami without six & nine hrs. of layovers taking almost two days to arrive in Haiti. Prayers needed that AA Airlines will put on an extra flight for Spring break. The Cabrini team continues to be small because of the political unrest. Marianne Boehme and Michael Digmann, who have gone many times, continue to lead the charge. Bill Nathan and Walnes Cangas, our Haitians administrators, will join them in Jacmel. Part of our job will be to plan and hire a company to install the solar system and to vent the plumbing pipes. Also to resurface the front porch and install railings, plan a prayer garden with trees and plants surrounding the cross. We will also be taking much needed pictures and video for the 2023 Video to be shown at the mission appeal on September 16 & 17. Also, this is the year for the semi-annual spaghetti dinner on September 23rd. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.  WATCH FOR INFORMATION TO FOLLOW.


Because of the generosity of many donors we are able to focus on the food, water project, faith formation, leadership skills, as well as the construction. We need to ask once again for your continued monthly, support if possible. The lean time of the year will be coming up, spring and summer. We know you have many great choices for investing your hard-earned money and we hope you will continue to consider Haiti Outreach worthy of your giving.

As we learned in the update last month, twinning is a new way of being a parish. The people of Haiti continue to smile and love Jesus in the mist of abject poverty and hardships.  When we visit Haiti, they give us so much more than we give them in Jacmel.  We feel God’s presence among the poor as Mother Teresa said, “You will never know how much the poor have done for you until you reach heaven.” Blessings again and thank you. In God’s Love. Haiti Outreach Team