Update December-January 2022-2023

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The October 12, 2022 issue of the Catholic Herald answered those two questions. The article featured Cabrini Haiti Ministry as well as answering the above questions. The following is a short synopsis of that article. I encourage you to look it up on the World Mission web site. I thought it might be a good idea to share a little of this history with our supporters.

As a reminder of Jesus’ call to justice, twinning expands a parish and parishioners self-identity and reflects the Vatican II definition of mission. This also demonstrates appreciation for the universality of the church. For a parish to enter an ongoing relationship with another country, i.e. Haiti, that ministry has chosen to embrace a new way of being a parish. Several years ago, Fr. Nathan referred to Haiti Outreach Twinning ministry as establishing a beachhead for evangelization in Jacmel. That is what we have become to the community of Jacmel. Each year that passes, our families become a force for Jesus in the community. Contractors that come to work on the building experience a peacefulness and enjoy coming to work at the Cabrini Community Center.

Sixty-three parishes twin in the archdiocese of Milwaukee. Through the 34 years, Cabrini’s Haiti Twinning has helped several other parishes start their own program in the Global Community. Therefore, we at Cabrini continue outreach in the US as well as with fellow missionaries in Haiti. Being involved in outreach should reflect on your personal life. This is PART OF THE REST OF THE STORY!  


FOOD DISTRIBUTION AND WATER SYSTEM TESTING AND MAINTENACE CONTINUES. THESE MINISTRY – OUTREACHES HAVE A PRICE TAG OF $5,000 EACH TIME WE SERVE THE FAMILIES.  During the political strife in Haiti, these services are lifesaving. Thank you for your support but we can only be the hands and feet of Jesus through your support.


Medical care for the poor is nonexistent in Haiti. The Cabrini Community Center has a special fund to reach out to our families.  One of our moms recently was suffering from severe anemia. She has seven children between 12 – 3 years of age. During the food crisis, she was giving her portion of food to her children. Something most mothers would do. Due to her sacrifice, she passed out one day.  She went to the clinic for help. The best they could do was to provide an IV and testing which showed severe anemia. The treatment was iron shots, which she received from a nurse who came to her house to administer the three shots. The cost for this treatment was $110.00 US dollars. We have included a picture of her in the hospital and a month later at our weekly prayer meeting at the center. Without our help who knows what would have happened to her and her family. We are making a difference with lifesaving ministries to the body as well as the spirit.

THANKFULNESS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED THE HAITI OUTREACH THIS YEAR THROUGH THE SEPTEMBER MISSION APPEAL, THE LOVE ONE ANOTHER APPEAL AND SUPPORT FROM NON-PRISHIONERS WHO FOUND OUR OUTREACH TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF BEING JESUS’ HANDS AND FEET. We know you have many great choices for investing your hard-earned money and we hope you will continue to consider Haiti Outreach WORTHY OF YOUR GIVING. We continue to pray for monthly giving so we can increase our ministries in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. We provide much needed hope and dignity to the poor. With each small and large step we take.

Please pray for the Haitian government as well as for our leaders in the US. What happens in the US effects Haiti as well?