2020 – November & December

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By Marianne Boehme

Thank You For Being

“The Blessing For The Haiti Outreach Ministry”

After the weekend mission appeal on September 19 & 20, we began a time of waiting. Waiting to see the response to the video. Waiting to see if Fr. Nathan’s words reached the people at the masses that weekend. Mass attendance was much lower than we have ever seen due to the virus. So we prayed and trusted God that we had followed His directions and we would accept God’s will.

We didn’t have to wait too long, the week after the appeal we had a contact from a family that was very touched by the video. They stepped up and gave a large donation that would allow us to distribute food to 36 of our families on Oct. 9 & 10th in Jacmel. Because of our wonderful leaders in the US and Haiti we were able to put the food distribution together very quickly which was another miracle.

As the weeks passed we were so grateful that many of the Cabrini parishioners also stepped up and gave from their hearts so we can begin our ministries once again in Haiti. We will be starting with Bible classes before the Christmas season. The other classes will begin in January if the Covid 19 virus and the political situation remains under control in Haiti. So please continue to pray for the government in Haiti. Below are the words of gratitude and thanksgiving that come from just a few of our mothers. Written as spoken to us.



“My idea is that Cabrini Mission never forget about us in the hard time. Now life is really difficult. So many problems but GOD will never forsaken his kids. Thank you again.” Marie Jeanette Lubain



“Thank you so much because each time I see Mr. Carmelo and Mr. Eral carry these food on their shoulders my family is happy. Thank you again I will continue to pray for you.” Roselaure Boyechio


The mission appeal goals were met but the Haitian needs are ongoing during the year. We cannot survive only on the appeal. We pray that the Cabrini parishioners will continue to give from the heart during the year. Now without bulletin articles it is more difficult to get the updates out. The web site will be updated each month, or hit click in the e-bulletin article to connect to the web site. Hard copies will be available in the Narthex Haiti Outreach Display. If you have any questions email Marianne at marianne@.mboehme.com or call 262-338-8845.

He understands the commitment and sacrifice that your gift represents. THAT IS WHAT TOUCHES HIS HEART.

2020 – May 4

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By Marianne Boehme – Update-May 4, 2020


The leadership servants delivering the food to the mother’s houses found a warm reception. Mr. Carmelo hand delivered the food to them for their safety and to ease the physical strength that it takes to deliver this amount of food. Some of the mothers live in the hills surrounding Jacmel and the pathways are very difficult to climb.


(The broken English are their direct quotes)

Jesusla commented, “You guys always do good actions in the community.  Mr. Carmelo, (our leader) seems never to be tired. I know the presence of GOD is with you. Thank you for blessings us. “

Jolicoeur shared with the leaders, “I pray and thank God to watch over the Cabrini Team members. A big gallon of oil with the sardines is great. We do not have the funds to afford all these food from the main market. We all love you and we are sure that God will continue to bless you.” (She is one of the assistants in the bible study now.)

Benita Tiblan comments, “Cabrini continues thinking about us, Cabrini always show us a good sign of love.  The Cabrini mission is about treating us with love and compassion. God bless you all.”  (Benita’s husband is Patrick, one of the construction workers that helped us in the Feb. construction).

I think you can feel the moms’ gratitude through their own words.



Cabrini Community Center is being used at this time, 4 days per week. It has no doors, windows, septic or electricity yet but with the concrete flooring we were able to hold our first celebration of thanksgiving this past February.  There were between 60 -70 people in attendance.  Our moms, their families and 3 of the 5 fathers that work with the construction team also blessed us with words of praise and thanksgiving for the opportunity to work. We also had some teenage young men from a local nearby church come to help us with kite flying at the end of the celebration.

Ministry groups that meet weekly at the Cabrini Community Center in Jamel, Haiti are:  

  • Two groups of bible study/prayer for moms – 40 members meet on Thursday and Friday afternoons.
  • Singing Moms of Jacmel – 25 members meet on Wednesday afternoon for practice and prayer.
  • Adult Education class, 2 groups – 6 members meet on Thursday and Friday afternoons.
  • Children’s ESL classes –   25 students meet on Saturday afternoons.
  • Food Distribution Center – 30 families (200 persons). Storage, packing and sorting.

What a miracle this all is and we are all thankful to watch God’s plan unfold.



Haiti has shut down their airports to all flights including the US leaving hundreds of travelers stranded on April 24th 2020. They have closed the land border with the Dominican Republic as well. American Airlines will be selling one-way tickets for April 27th and 28th, to ferry out US Citizens and permanent residents.


Haiti has 60 ventilators for 11 million people. Some countries will struggle but Haiti might never recover from Corvid 19, so their only hope is to enforce restrictions to stop the spread.

As of April 20, 57 people have tested positive with 5 deaths.  There is a curfew in place. Markets are only open 3 days a week. Haitians are encouraged to use face masks, and to limit gatherings to 10 people. Churches are shut down as well as restaurants. Hand washing and social distancing are in place.  But most of the people don’t understand the situation. 

Cabrini Community Center Leadership Team


We need to believe that the Lord will Provide and will provide an answer to the world situation. 

God knows the end from the beginning and if we ask for forgiveness of our sins and pray he will restore our land.  As the Haitians always tell me, “GOD IS IN CONTROL, HAVE FAITH! “ This Is Something We All Need To Remember

Invest in people by paying it forward.

2020 – April 3

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By Marianne Boehme


Corona Virus Comes To Haiti

Food Program Goes Forward

Update-April 3, 2020

As of March 26th Haiti now has 6 confirmed cases of the virus but those of us that have served in Haiti know that many more of the population probably already has been exposed.  It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and struggles with food instability. Remember several weeks ago the terror we all felt when the virus hit our population. Educating the population in Haiti and how they can help themselves by hand washing and social distancing will be a big step.  Most of Haiti has no running water.  But the people are doing the best they can with what they have.  The picture below shows the Haitian way of running water. Our servant leaders at the Cabrini Community Center have been proactive. They set up a 5-gallon bucket, with a nozzle, soap, and bleach for the families that use the center each day.  They did their due diligence by acquiring food before the boarder was closed at the Dominican Republic. This allowed the 4th food distribution to go forward on April 3 & 4 to our thirty families.  Timing is everything and everyone at Cabrini moved the finances forward and our Haitian team completed the process in Haiti to make it happen. Once again the Holy Spirit led all of us with the right timing and resources.  Thank you all for your support.  Please continue to give to these vital programs, without resources none of this could happen. 

The Cabrini Community Center in Jacmel has made the difference between life and death among our families.  Just like Jesus reached out to the poorest of the poor we too continue to represent Cabrini parishioners in this mission of giving hope and dignity for the poor.

More information available www.haitianmission.com web site and the Haiti Outreach display in the Narthex.  Please continue to pray for the world.  And remember Jesus is with us.  He never leaves us or forsakes us!!  Look toward  the Light so we can be the Light for others.  

March 26, 2020

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By Marianne Boehme


Food Distribution For Easter Celebration

Update-March 2020

Invest in people by paying it forward.

The week before Easter our leadership team will once again reach out to our 30 families in Jacmel. This will be the fourth time since the political unrest began at the end of October, 2019 in Haiti. When we were in Haiti this past February we delivered food as part of our annual visits to the homes. The cost of food has risen substantially since October but the need still remains. The average Haitian still earns less than $2.00 per day and many of our mothers make due with less than that. For several of them this is all the food they have. With all the difficulties in the world, we in the USA are still a blessed people. Please consider a small donation so that we can continue this program. Any extra funds will be set aside to purchase a charcoal burner and a pot to cook their food in. Many of them need to borrow a pot. We can turn that around working together.
Prayer cards are available in the Narthex display. Ways to give are listed on the back. Or use an envelope to donate to the food program.

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By Marianne Boehme

While Building A Building 

We Are Building A Community

Update-March 2020

Our ministries and construction teams support each other, we can’t have one without the other. Cabrini continues to do both. Our community center is moving forward and now is completed to the point of being a functional space to house our ministries.

The latest mission trip of Feb. 2020, consisted of laying the 4000 sq. ft. floor. The pictures below will tell the story of how the 12 day mission trip brought another important part of the outreach center in Jacmel forward. We employed five of the fathers from our Bible study groups. We had a group of 22 workers that worked alongside of the Cabrini team members. The Haitians team members were eager to learn and be employed. They were the best workers ever. We started our day together in community prayer.



Cabrini congregation should be so proud of this twinning relationship in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Our leaders are growing daily and have taken on a few more responsibilities.  After four days of Leadership training with Marianne Boehme and Bill Nathan the Lord showed us over and over again He was with us.

Because of Cabrini’s continued prayerful and financial support the construction will continue in the months to come. We have now established a work crew of experienced workers in Haiti. Helping these men support their families by the wages they earned is a stabilizing force in our community. The political situation continues to be strained but the Lord continues to make a way for this outreach. Under Walnes Cangas’ supervision and plans from Paul Fichtner and Michael Diggmann, we feel confident that the Haitians will be able to continue the construction based on those plans. The next project will be the electrical plans and the solar project followed by the septic system. Doors and windows will also be installed this summer.

Together we are better!!! Please continue to pray for the completion of the building and the property into an outstanding Community Center that will have an impact on the youth of Jacmel. In Haiti, half of the population is under the age of 18, so how do you change a country but through the young.

The Haiti Outreach Mission Team

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By Marianne Boehme Update-February 2020





Update-February 2020

Anticipation is high for the March Team members heading for Haiti on February 6th. Two of the members have never travel to Haiti, Rob Krantz and Mike Kuepper. We believe those who volunteer to get involved with Haiti are God’s gift to this ministry. Below is our schedule and we ask that you all follow along daily to pray specifically for our daily needs?

DAY 1 Thursday – Departure Feb. 6thfrom Milwaukee Airport 11:45 am. Flight to Charlotte, NC then to Miami International arrival 6:51pm. We need to overnight in Miami. We have never done this before but because of the grounding of the 737 planes this is what it takes to get to Haiti. John Lehnerz is our transportation this time.

DAY 2 Friday – DEPARTURE FOR Haiti 6:40 am arrival is 8:39 in PAP. We will be greeted by Mr. Nador our longtime friend for 25 years. He is our transportation this day.
Not sure at this point if we are off to St. Joseph Guest House or to a mission area in PAP to unpack another container that has parts that will be needed to compete the Cabrini Center. PRAY FOR SAFETY AND WISDOM FOR THE TEAM MEMBERS AND Haitian staff.

DAY 3 Saturday – DEPARTURE from PAP at 4:00 a.m. REALLY NEED PRAYERS THIS DAY. Arrival at Cabrini Community Center and begin unpacking and setting up for Sunday work day.

Day 4 Sunday – Mass in Jacmel, in their Community Center with Fr. Samson at 7:00 am. Begin work after mass. CONSTRUCTION TEAM IN PLACE READY FOR WORK.
9:00am Marianne and Bill Nathan will be doing leadership training and preparing the schedule with the leaders so everyone is on the same page. Our day will end between 3:00 – 4:00 and we will return to the hotel.

Day 5 Monday, Day 6 Tuesday, Day 7 Wednesday and Day 8 Thursday
MINISTRY TEAMS – Marianne and Bill along with the 5 leaders will visit 10 homes each day to deliver food, check water filters and test water for e coli. At that time we will interview each family member present. We need information for updating family records and to begin to know more specifically the family’s needs and how the community center will be able to help them make those changes in their lives. There will be leadership meetings again on Thursday all day.
CONSTRUCTION TEAM will start beginning the hard work of pouring 4000 SQ FT of cement flooring in the center including outside porches, stairs and sidewalks.
Another 4 man team will be working to complete the siding on the center. Remember none of the men working are from big construction firms. They are all men from the community or former St. Joseph children now grown adults. It is truly a community project.

DAY 9 FRIDAY – Construction team will be meeting with ELECTRICANS for November 2020 trip. We are having a combined Bible study meeting at 2:00 pm at the Community Center site.

Day 10 SATURDAY – will either be a cleanup day on site or a traveling day. Many prayers are needed that day. Or we might leave early 4:00 am on Sunday morning. Everything depends on the safety issues.

Day 11 SUNDAY – church, look out point for newbies Mike and Rob. Family visit with Bill and Walnes families at St. Joseph Welcome Center PAP
Packing for U.S.

DAY 12 MONDAY – Travel day back to the U.S. three planes but no overnight.
Jim Wesp will pick us up in Milwaukee at midnight. PRAYERS, PRAYERS LONG DAY. We are all happy to be back in the USA and are very thankful for what God has given us.

Thank you for your prayers. Check out Cabrini’s Facebook account for daily pictures and updates as well as www.Haitianmission com Go to menu and click on news and updates.

Remember is takes funding to preach the gospel and serve others.
The ways paying it forward are on the back of the prayer cards available in the Narthex or our home page on line.

Blessings, the Haiti Outreach Mission Team

January 2020



By Marianne Boehme

Update-January 2020



On December 20, 2019 the Cabrini Bible study groups met together in front of the Cabrini Community Center for a prayer meeting. They celebrated and gave thanks that they were together again. All five members of the leadership teams that serve the Bible Studies Groups, Literacy program, Water Project, Chorus and Food Program shared with the mothers how important it is to continue to pray for each other and the Cabrini Community Ministries.



I would like to share with you the program they planned for this prayer meeting.
My only regret is that I can’t share the video with you, so you could hear their worship. The mothers greeted each other with hugs and gave a “bravo“ to the leaders for planning the meeting. They were so happy to be together again.


This was the LEADER’S plan for December 20, 2019 prayer meeting. (As written in their second Language- Bravo to them.)

  • We are going to start with a nice song in chant D’esperance.
  • Opening prayer by Marie Jeanette Lubain
  • Words of welcome by Carmelo
  • Songs in chant D’esperance #74
  • Teaching by Eral in Matt 1: verse 18 -24
  • Words by the mothers to explain how they understand the situation of our country and Cabrini support in their life.
  • Emmanuel will share first than the mothers started to share.
  • Motivational speech by Mackendy.
  • Special prayer for Cabrini by all of us.
  • Snack together

I am so proud of them and all of you should be too. This is one sign of the fruit of our labors these many years. I hope the pictures will show that we are making a difference. We are restoring the families, we are giving them a hand up by building up the community and showing we care. The families saw their faithfulness in action. The desperation is still so great because of the complete shutdown of Haiti for three months. One of our contacts told me on the phone during those weeks, “The country can’t take it much longer.“ Prayers were answered the week after Thanksgiving. The gangs left the streets, road blocks were gone and people slowly came out of their shelters. Gasoline became available and the electric power was restored for a few hours each evening.


Cabrini’s five-member team is heading for Haiti on Feb. 6th. Please pray for our safety and that everything remains peaceful so that the cement floor can be poured and that the exterior of the building can be completed. Watch the bulletin, website and Facebook for news in February. We will have a daily mission work schedule published for the February News and updates.

Thank you to all who give over and over to this ministry. With God’s grace we will finish what we started. We are encouraged by your giving. Cabrini is a light in the darkness.


Ways to Give

• Digitally via the SFC website-OSV Online Giving
• Cash/Check via Envelopes in the Narthex
• Automatic Deduction from your bank account. Contact the SFC Office

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Marianne Boehme:
Email: marianne@mboehme.com
Phone: 262-338-8845