March 26, 2020

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By Marianne Boehme


Food Distribution For Easter Celebration

Update-March 2020

Invest in people by paying it forward.

The week before Easter our leadership team will once again reach out to our 30 families in Jacmel. This will be the fourth time since the political unrest began at the end of October, 2019 in Haiti. When we were in Haiti this past February we delivered food as part of our annual visits to the homes. The cost of food has risen substantially since October but the need still remains. The average Haitian still earns less than $2.00 per day and many of our mothers make due with less than that. For several of them this is all the food they have. With all the difficulties in the world, we in the USA are still a blessed people. Please consider a small donation so that we can continue this program. Any extra funds will be set aside to purchase a charcoal burner and a pot to cook their food in. Many of them need to borrow a pot. We can turn that around working together.
Prayer cards are available in the Narthex display. Ways to give are listed on the back. Or use an envelope to donate to the food program.

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By Marianne Boehme

While Building A Building 

We Are Building A Community

Update-March 2020

Our ministries and construction teams support each other, we can’t have one without the other. Cabrini continues to do both. Our community center is moving forward and now is completed to the point of being a functional space to house our ministries.

The latest mission trip of Feb. 2020, consisted of laying the 4000 sq. ft. floor. The pictures below will tell the story of how the 12 day mission trip brought another important part of the outreach center in Jacmel forward. We employed five of the fathers from our Bible study groups. We had a group of 22 workers that worked alongside of the Cabrini team members. The Haitians team members were eager to learn and be employed. They were the best workers ever. We started our day together in community prayer.



Cabrini congregation should be so proud of this twinning relationship in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Our leaders are growing daily and have taken on a few more responsibilities.  After four days of Leadership training with Marianne Boehme and Bill Nathan the Lord showed us over and over again He was with us.

Because of Cabrini’s continued prayerful and financial support the construction will continue in the months to come. We have now established a work crew of experienced workers in Haiti. Helping these men support their families by the wages they earned is a stabilizing force in our community. The political situation continues to be strained but the Lord continues to make a way for this outreach. Under Walnes Cangas’ supervision and plans from Paul Fichtner and Michael Diggmann, we feel confident that the Haitians will be able to continue the construction based on those plans. The next project will be the electrical plans and the solar project followed by the septic system. Doors and windows will also be installed this summer.

Together we are better!!! Please continue to pray for the completion of the building and the property into an outstanding Community Center that will have an impact on the youth of Jacmel. In Haiti, half of the population is under the age of 18, so how do you change a country but through the young.

The Haiti Outreach Mission Team