December 2020 – March 2021

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By Marianne Boehme


Partnership Empowers Someone To Dream

Updates: December 2020 – March 2021

Uncertainty is something that the peoples of our world have found themselves dealing with this past year. Even the poorest of the poor in third world countries.  But, we as Christians know that God is still in charge and we continue to move forward in doing His work.

The Haiti Outreach has been blessed with prayers, faithfulness, and funding during this difficult time.  As our moto says “The Lord Will Provide”. Our faithful partners have empowered us to feed 36 families with our food distribution programs, (each feeding costs $3,000 US), in early December and now again in March 2021.  We have also been able to continue our Water Systems inspections every 3 months and provided the mothers with bleach, detergent and sponges to keep their water system clean.  In April we will be testing each of the 36 filters for E-coli. We do that twice yearly. That testing program is $200.00 each time. The testing kits are sent to Haiti by team members or when Bill and Walnes return in September. 

We are hopeful that Bill & Walnes be with us this coming September once again.  When we know for certain we hope to gather in the Cabrini Church Hall for a spaghetti dinner on September 25. Please save the date.  Volunteers call Marianne at 262-338-8845.

We also have great news to share. On March 9, 10, 11 all the windows at the Cabrini Community Center were installed. The Singing Moms of Jacmel met on March 10th and were very happy to see the windows.  When they see progress on the building, they are thankful because it gives them a sense of security that they have a gathering place.  Within the month of April, we hope all the doors will be installed as well. Then we will be able to secure the building and not have to move things back into to the containers for safe storage after the meetings.  Partnership makes this all possible.  Remember, there is a Haiti Display in the Narthex of church. Check it out. Donation envelopes and hard copies of articles to (take home) are available there.

On April 16th- 24th I am traveling to Jacmel with my traveling companion Jesus, to continue to put in place a strong leadership program that will continue to grow in stature. Prayers are very much appreciated!!!

 The Bible studies and Singing Moms of Jacmel will have finished their first 10 week term. The second term will begin in April through the end of May. The ministries do not meet during the hot summer months of June, July, and August.

If you find value in what the Haiti Outreach does and you want to change peoples’ lives here are 3 ways to partner with us.  We thank our partners that continue to collect quarters for Mission Quarters. We have collected about $4,000 during the past 5 years.