March & April 2022


By Marianne Boehme – March & April, 2022 Update


We cannot do the doing without it!

As we begin 2022 we all face the reality of stretching our budgets to meet the needs set before us. The uncertainty of the times we are living in makes that almost seem impossible to do.  However, we serve a mighty God and if we remain faithful to His teachings, He will show us the way through prayer and being faithful to a little island in the Caribbean called Haiti.

The following questions might come to mind.

  • Why should we be concerned about Haiti?
  • What does Jesus say about serving the poor?
  • Why do churches have missions?
  • How does this affect my family?
  • How does this affect my eternity?

Please do not forget Haiti when you give in the months ahead.  There is no other way to say it. Sharing the gospel takes funding.  We have been so blessed by the faithful supporters of Haiti in the past. This has allowed Cabrini to be the hands, feet and hearts for Haiti. We know that the Haitians have a special place at St. Frances Cabrini.


We hope that this information will stir the hearts of those who have not reached out to Haiti before. Your giving can save a life.




This is our 5th year sponsoring the food program. We feed 40 families, their relatives and neighbors. (If you feed one family in Haiti, you feed 10 more people.) As every Haitian has had the experience of hunger at some point in their lives, they share. This program’s budget is $3000.00 every 2 or 3 months depending on funding.


We have started our 4th year providing and servicing the water filters in the mother’s homes. We inspect the systems every quarter and the mothers can report weekly at bible study if they are having any difficulties with their system. The director will contact them and repair or replace the parts. This month we invested in several new water systems and added to our parts inventory. This month’s expenses were $750.00 for the inventory. We will be adding 3 more families in March to join our bible study groups to replace some mothers who have moved from the area. In addition, we also supply the mothers with soap and bleach to keep their buckets clean. The cost of one maintenance visit is $400.00 each visit, which is about $2500.00 per year.





Our funding is multifaceted to serve our six plus ministries, maintaining the building and providing security to the property itself. We are now working on the electrical hook up, the septic and water systems for the building. Approximate cost for those is $10,000 – $15,000.

We are happy to report that the building is now secure as we can lock doors and windows, and there are no leaks from the rain. Within the year we hope to start on the outside entrances, porches and the interior of the building. Please keep in mind we use the building 4 to 5 days a week as it is. We have tables and chairs and chalkboards. Our maintenance man and cleaning mother keep everything in good shape.


I encourage you all to read Matthew 25:35-45, as it is too long to write in this update. Verse 40 says, “The king replies, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” If this article SOUNDS PASSIONATE, IT IS! As we travel to Haiti in March, we represent Cabrini and all of you. The point of the parable is not who but what – the importance of serving where service is needed. You can and will save a life. We hope that this information will stir the hearts of those who have never reached out to Haiti before.  


If every family would help us with a $5.00 a week donation, imagine what we could do! Give up one happy meal or one latte coffee weekly.

Remember Haiti, God will bless you!