May & June 2022


By Marianne Boehme – May & June, 2022 Update

 Life Of Endurance

Christian Life Is Daily!

Michael Digmann and I returned from Haiti on April 3, completing our 11-day mission visit to Jacmel, Haiti and the Cabrini Community Center. We thank you all for your prayers as we could feel them. The situation in Haiti continues to be difficult but God has chosen Cabrini to be the light in the darkness. The Lord presented so many wonderful opportunities to us daily. I will be sharing just a few of them now and in the yearly video on the Mission Appeal Sunday in September. Please pray that Bill Nathan and Walnes Congas will be with us this year. They are still waiting to receive their visas.

The Cabrini Community Center sign officially hangs in the building accompanied by the 10 Commandments in Creole and English. We have started to do a few things to turn the center space into a meeting & service center. Our budget does not yet allow us to begin construction of rooms inside the building. 

Projects started or completed during the mission trip:

  • Digging of Septic System
  • Mounting of the Iron Cross
  • Formation of Security Team
  • Leadership Training
  • Electrical hook up completed and now connected to city power when it is available.
  • Development of plans for the Back Deck & Gazebo in conjunction with the Septic System plan.
  • Updated training on Water System Filters presented by the Director, Gephte Pierre
  • Water Testing done twice a year on the filters systems in homes
  • Faith Formation with Bible study groups


Through the 34-year history of the Haiti Outreach Ministry, many individuals have shared their TIME, TALENT & DAILY TREASURE with the Haitian people. Bill and Walnes , through the years have cemented generational relationship with SFC School with their yearly visits. This is the reason for our endurance and perseverance in the call of this outreach to Haiti.

Nothing is easy is Haiti.

We would like to recognize a “Faithful Volunteer” who has shared so many of his gifts, time and treasure with Haiti and the parish of St. Frances Cabrini.

Jim Wesp and his wife, Joanne, are longtime supporters of the Ministry. Jim has volunteered his services for at least 20 plus years. He has provided transportation to and from the airports in Milwaukee and Chicago-O’Hare, some years both ways, (50 trips). He has always been there to rescue us at 4:00AM in the morning when the airline would not allow us to take certain items. If you see him around the parish, please thank him for his service. Let your LIGHT shine.

I once heard someone say that the Christian Life is daily. It is not a 100-yard dash but a marathon run. Continue to pray for Haiti and for the Evangelism that is growing from the Cabrini Community Center in Jacmel.

Remember Haiti, God will bless you!