October & November 2022 Update

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By Marianne Boehme – October & November, 2022 Update

Testimonies-God continues to work in the midst of political unrest


Because of another successful Mission Appeal this past September, we are able to reach out to our families twice in the last month. Haiti is dealing with a political revolution.  WE PRAISE GOD FOR CABRINI’S ABILITY TO AID THE POOREST OF THE POOR. As Mother Teresa said, “You will never know what the poor did for you until you reach heaven.” There are frequent shut downs and daily protests, mostly peaceful, unless the gangs see an advantage to come against “We the people” trying to be heard.

Haiti is now entering its 4th month of this revolution. The de facto government is non–functional, there is no Senate for checks and balances. There is no sign of any type of transition. The ripple effect of fuel shortages is significant – businesses, utility companies, hospitals, and now water purification plants are shut down. Our families are blessed with water filter systems that Cabrini has provided for them the last 5 years.

Haitians have taken to the streets, lifting their voices in anger and frustration. Protesting is the only voice that remains. Schools are closed. Banks are open only on limited basis, also gas is limited and very expensive, $40.00 per gallon. Decisions about safety and survival are made daily. Bacterial infection are running rampant and not enough antibiotics to cure them.

People are dying from starvation and diseases that have cures. This is what our Haitian friends and families are living through daily. Marianne is in contact with leadership daily. We need to keep out eyes on Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith. Everyone is weary and frustrated. However, we all need to get up daily and persevere every single day; we believe that as long as we have breath, the next day will be better. Cabrini is right in there with them even in the hardships as the work continues.

The testimony that we share now with you will remind us that the Lord is with us and He will provide.After several conversations with a mother, it became apparent that we might have other families that had not eaten in several days, as there was no food to beg from a neighbor or family member. Carmelo and Marianne had a conversation about getting food even if was only enough for one small meal a day for a week. We had to come up with funding to purchase one large bag of rice and some oil to divide for seven mothers who were in desperate need. We borrowed funds from several of our leaders and Carmelo started on his journey that Sunday afternoon to deliver what we had gathered. He went on foot, as there was no gas for the moto.

When Carmelo began his journey on Oct.2nd, he filled his backpack up that he could hardly carry it in on his back. Carmelo is a tall strong man but the load was a challenge for the long walk ahead of him. After delivering to several houses, he was praying to the Lord for strength to make all the deliveries. He realized that the backpack was getting lighter with each gift of food he gave way. He felt a nudge in his being that the Lord was telling him that the  more you give to another in need the lighter your load becomes. He then realized he would have the strength to complete his task that day.  It was a long day. He returned to his house and family at 8:00 pm that night. He was hot, sweaty, and dirty, and his cold shower really felt good that night. He was so happy to share the revelation that the Lord gave him that day. This is what love one another is all about.

Please visit the web site to watch the September 2022 video titled, ”The Christian Life Is Daily.” Check out below the three ways to give. Consider a monthly giving just call the office to set up. There are no fees if you choose that way to support Haiti. Praise you all for your continued support helping to grow the Cabrini Legacy in this part of the world that the Lord wants to bless through you.  

***MONTHLY FOOD DISTRIBUTION WAS DONE FOR 38 FAMILIES ON Oct 22, 23 2022. Only because we had the funds to do so. We can only do what Cabrini supports.

August & September


By Marianne Boehme – August & September, 2022 Update

Food Insecurity Is A Way Of Life In Haiti

Christian Life Is Daily!


“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat” Matt. 25:36



Due to budget constraints food is delivered to the 40 families and leadership every third month.  The price of food has risen 22% in a year.   Our funding was getting low and we hoped that several other mission groups would fill the gap but no one did. Therefore, Cabrini stepped forward after two of the mothers came to the Directors house asking for food for a few days, as they had nothing. The Director took from his own kitchen to help them.   We did food distribution in July instead of August this year.


The following are testimonies that our leaders received from the families  they served in July 19, & 20,  2022 when they personally delivered  food to 40 families on motor bikes in Temperatures over 100 degrees in two days. Director Carmelo shares the overall thoughts from the moms on the day of delivery.

Bonjou, to all Cabrini supporters of the Cabrini Community Center in Haiti. Carmelo continues to share that one of the most important things Cabrini Parish does for the families is to put them in their hearts in the hard time. Another mother says, “This food is Gold. I have no funds to buy these items at the market. Thank you God Almighty and all the Cabrini members. We continue to share the Salvation Prayer we prayed last March when Mrs. Marianne and Mr. Michael visited with our family and friends.

May & June 2022


By Marianne Boehme – May & June, 2022 Update

 Life Of Endurance

Christian Life Is Daily!

Michael Digmann and I returned from Haiti on April 3, completing our 11-day mission visit to Jacmel, Haiti and the Cabrini Community Center. We thank you all for your prayers as we could feel them. The situation in Haiti continues to be difficult but God has chosen Cabrini to be the light in the darkness. The Lord presented so many wonderful opportunities to us daily. I will be sharing just a few of them now and in the yearly video on the Mission Appeal Sunday in September. Please pray that Bill Nathan and Walnes Congas will be with us this year. They are still waiting to receive their visas.

The Cabrini Community Center sign officially hangs in the building accompanied by the 10 Commandments in Creole and English. We have started to do a few things to turn the center space into a meeting & service center. Our budget does not yet allow us to begin construction of rooms inside the building. 

Projects started or completed during the mission trip:

  • Digging of Septic System
  • Mounting of the Iron Cross
  • Formation of Security Team
  • Leadership Training
  • Electrical hook up completed and now connected to city power when it is available.
  • Development of plans for the Back Deck & Gazebo in conjunction with the Septic System plan.
  • Updated training on Water System Filters presented by the Director, Gephte Pierre
  • Water Testing done twice a year on the filters systems in homes
  • Faith Formation with Bible study groups


Through the 34-year history of the Haiti Outreach Ministry, many individuals have shared their TIME, TALENT & DAILY TREASURE with the Haitian people. Bill and Walnes , through the years have cemented generational relationship with SFC School with their yearly visits. This is the reason for our endurance and perseverance in the call of this outreach to Haiti.

Nothing is easy is Haiti.

We would like to recognize a “Faithful Volunteer” who has shared so many of his gifts, time and treasure with Haiti and the parish of St. Frances Cabrini.

Jim Wesp and his wife, Joanne, are longtime supporters of the Ministry. Jim has volunteered his services for at least 20 plus years. He has provided transportation to and from the airports in Milwaukee and Chicago-O’Hare, some years both ways, (50 trips). He has always been there to rescue us at 4:00AM in the morning when the airline would not allow us to take certain items. If you see him around the parish, please thank him for his service. Let your LIGHT shine.

I once heard someone say that the Christian Life is daily. It is not a 100-yard dash but a marathon run. Continue to pray for Haiti and for the Evangelism that is growing from the Cabrini Community Center in Jacmel.

Remember Haiti, God will bless you!

March & April 2022


By Marianne Boehme – March & April, 2022 Update


We cannot do the doing without it!

As we begin 2022 we all face the reality of stretching our budgets to meet the needs set before us. The uncertainty of the times we are living in makes that almost seem impossible to do.  However, we serve a mighty God and if we remain faithful to His teachings, He will show us the way through prayer and being faithful to a little island in the Caribbean called Haiti.

The following questions might come to mind.

  • Why should we be concerned about Haiti?
  • What does Jesus say about serving the poor?
  • Why do churches have missions?
  • How does this affect my family?
  • How does this affect my eternity?

Please do not forget Haiti when you give in the months ahead.  There is no other way to say it. Sharing the gospel takes funding.  We have been so blessed by the faithful supporters of Haiti in the past. This has allowed Cabrini to be the hands, feet and hearts for Haiti. We know that the Haitians have a special place at St. Frances Cabrini.


We hope that this information will stir the hearts of those who have not reached out to Haiti before. Your giving can save a life.




This is our 5th year sponsoring the food program. We feed 40 families, their relatives and neighbors. (If you feed one family in Haiti, you feed 10 more people.) As every Haitian has had the experience of hunger at some point in their lives, they share. This program’s budget is $3000.00 every 2 or 3 months depending on funding.


We have started our 4th year providing and servicing the water filters in the mother’s homes. We inspect the systems every quarter and the mothers can report weekly at bible study if they are having any difficulties with their system. The director will contact them and repair or replace the parts. This month we invested in several new water systems and added to our parts inventory. This month’s expenses were $750.00 for the inventory. We will be adding 3 more families in March to join our bible study groups to replace some mothers who have moved from the area. In addition, we also supply the mothers with soap and bleach to keep their buckets clean. The cost of one maintenance visit is $400.00 each visit, which is about $2500.00 per year.





Our funding is multifaceted to serve our six plus ministries, maintaining the building and providing security to the property itself. We are now working on the electrical hook up, the septic and water systems for the building. Approximate cost for those is $10,000 – $15,000.

We are happy to report that the building is now secure as we can lock doors and windows, and there are no leaks from the rain. Within the year we hope to start on the outside entrances, porches and the interior of the building. Please keep in mind we use the building 4 to 5 days a week as it is. We have tables and chairs and chalkboards. Our maintenance man and cleaning mother keep everything in good shape.


I encourage you all to read Matthew 25:35-45, as it is too long to write in this update. Verse 40 says, “The king replies, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” If this article SOUNDS PASSIONATE, IT IS! As we travel to Haiti in March, we represent Cabrini and all of you. The point of the parable is not who but what – the importance of serving where service is needed. You can and will save a life. We hope that this information will stir the hearts of those who have never reached out to Haiti before.  


If every family would help us with a $5.00 a week donation, imagine what we could do! Give up one happy meal or one latte coffee weekly.

Remember Haiti, God will bless you!

Janaury & February 2022


By Marianne Boehme – January-February 2022 Update


Governments continue to let us down both in the US and in Haiti.  Our only hope is in God.  The Holy Spirt continues to lead us if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Jesus continues to shine His light on the Haiti Outreach Ministry.



On Jan 11, 2022, Walnes and two men from RCI Construction flew up to Jacmel on a 9-passenger plane, which is operated by Missionary Aviation Fellowship. During the 17 years of service to the central plateau, Cabrini has used them for many mission trips. The pilot prayed with the passengers before they left the airfield. For Walnes this was his first experience flying MAF and he said, “They were very professional.”


During the three days on the Mission Grounds, the crew repaired some of the leaks and enclosed the roof vent on the Community Center. It was a relief to us all that there was no water situation. The marks on the installation that we saw on the pictures were created by shadows.  Therefore, the solutions to keeping the water out was to enclose the 8-inch space leaving only 2 inches for ventilation.

They also had to rebuild a temporary set of stairs going out the back of the building. This was completed along with applying a coat of paint. They took measurements for the sceptic and will draw up plans for the placement so it includes the deck footing as well.


We are also planning to install security cameras inside and outside the building, which can be monitored from a cell phone in the U.S. and in Haiti. We are still searching for an electric meter.  In Haiti, there are no extra meters to purchase. You have to wait to get one from someone who has not paid their bill. We have been waiting since last March for a meter. I share this with you to give you a perception of, “everything being hard in Haiti”

However, the most important thing I want to share is that we continue to move forward even if they are little steps, to continue to serve our friends in Haiti. We are the hope for all the families whose lives we touch. They continue to feel God’s presence when they enter the Cabrini Community Outreach Center grounds.     



Our bible classes, water project, adult education classes, food Program, medical needs and leadership training continue to function because of the generous funding and prayer support from the Cabrini Community. Revision of the Singing Moms of Jacmel is a work in progress. In addition, of course, the building of the Cabrini Community Outreach Center, which we focus on life skills through the power of God. We are so blessed to have the spirit of love from the Cabrini Parishioners. 

We ask for your prayers as a two-person mission team continues to prepare for this year’s trip, March 24 – April 3. GOD WILLING, THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL CONFIRM IF WE ARE IN GOD’S WILL.  If you have any questions about anything please reach out to Marianne at 262-338-8845 or email marianne@mboehme.com