August & September


By Marianne Boehme – August & September, 2022 Update

Food Insecurity Is A Way Of Life In Haiti

Christian Life Is Daily!


“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat” Matt. 25:36



Due to budget constraints food is delivered to the 40 families and leadership every third month.  The price of food has risen 22% in a year.   Our funding was getting low and we hoped that several other mission groups would fill the gap but no one did. Therefore, Cabrini stepped forward after two of the mothers came to the Directors house asking for food for a few days, as they had nothing. The Director took from his own kitchen to help them.   We did food distribution in July instead of August this year.


The following are testimonies that our leaders received from the families  they served in July 19, & 20,  2022 when they personally delivered  food to 40 families on motor bikes in Temperatures over 100 degrees in two days. Director Carmelo shares the overall thoughts from the moms on the day of delivery.

Bonjou, to all Cabrini supporters of the Cabrini Community Center in Haiti. Carmelo continues to share that one of the most important things Cabrini Parish does for the families is to put them in their hearts in the hard time. Another mother says, “This food is Gold. I have no funds to buy these items at the market. Thank you God Almighty and all the Cabrini members. We continue to share the Salvation Prayer we prayed last March when Mrs. Marianne and Mr. Michael visited with our family and friends.